World class researchers at your service.

After many years of engaging in research with industry, we are pleased to announce that we are now offering our veterinary andrology and research services on a commercial basis. While we specialise in horses, we are also able to perform diagnostic services for other species including cattle, sheep and dogs.

Semen Assessments

Classical assessments
Advanced clinical assessments
Fresh, chilled or cryopreserved samples
Full report provided on comprehensive assessments
Quality control prior to the sale

Sperm preservation

Semen processing and shipping

Research Services

We can perform a full range of assays and statistical analyses, as well as assist with experimental design and the construction of manuscripts for publication in scientific journals
Five research stallions of proven fertility available to provide samples for trials and experiments

Meet the Team

Dr Zamira Gibb
B. An.Vet.Bio.Sc.(Hons), PhD (Vet Sci)

Zamira works actively with horse industry partners to produce research resulting in 70 academic publications and 32 international conferences presentations. Zamira has received numerous awards, including the 2016 Hudson Medical Research Institute Mid-Career Researcher Award, and most prestigiously, the 2014 ISER Michelle LeBlanc Young Presenter Award.

Laureate Professor John Aitken

John is a pioneer in the field of assisted reproductive technologies, with over 700 scientific journal publications and innumerable awards including the most prestigious award for the field; SSR’s International Carl G Hartman Award in 2016, the 2012 NSW Scientist-of-the-year and the Simmet prize for Reproductive Biotechnology at ICAR 2012 for his research on oxidative stress in stallion spermatozoa.

Dr Jennifer Clulow
BScAgr (Hons), BVMS (Hons), PhD, DACT

Jen is a registered specialist in veterinary reproduction and has over 15 years’ experience working in the equine industry, both in Australia and internationally. Jen has a passion for problem solving, combining her research and veterinary careers to be an intermediate between scientific research and practical application to the equine industry.

Dr Aleona Swegen
B. Vet.Sc., PhD (Biotech)

Aleona is a fully qualified veterinarian with a PhD in equine reproductive biology. Aleona was the first to characterise the stallion sperm proteome and was a co-inventor of our trademarked sperm storage medium. Aleona is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Oxford University, and is a Conjoint Research Fellow at the University of Newcastle.

Alecia Sheridan
B. An.Sc.

Alecia is a highly skilled research technician with many years’ of experience in the fields of equine reproduction, equine nursing, veterinary pathology, and parasitology. Alecia brings a wealth of industry knowledge and finely honed horse management and husbandry skills to the team.

Dr Mo Bahrami
B. An.Vet.Bio.Sc. (Hons),MCE, PhD (Med)

Mo is a highly trained embryologist, with a background in bovine IVM and IVF. Mo completed his Master of Clinical Embryology at Monash University, before achieving his PhD at the University of Sydney. His research has focused on optimising the culture conditions for oocyte maturation. Mo bears a wealth of embryology expertise, along with a highly refined technical skill set.

Dr Róisín Griffin
B. Eq.Sc., MSc, PhD (Biol Sci)

Róisín has recently completed her PhD at the University of Newcastle. Her research has focused on identifying proteomic biomarkers of fertility, and in investigating the impacts of heat stress on DNA integrity and stallion subfertility. Having years’ of experience in the horse industry, Róisín has worked closely with Thoroughbred industry partners in Australia and Ireland, throughout both her Master’s and PhD degrees.

Erin Klein
B.S., B.A.

Erin is a PhD candidate at the University of Newcastle. Erin’s research focuses on improving bull fertility and in developing the bovine ambient temperature sperm storage medium. Erin received her Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Nebraska and interned in reproductive research at the Saint Louis Zoo before moving to Australia to join the group.

Ashlee Medica
B. Biotech (Hons)

Ashlee is a PhD candidate at the University of Newcastle researching stallion fertility, with special interests in streamlining the processes involved in sperm technologies, such as sperm selection, sperm quality diagnostics, and in vitro sperm storage. Ashlee completed her Bachelor of Biotechnology (honours) degree with the group in 2019 and has been an integral member ever since.

Sarah Lambourne

Sarah is a highly skilled research technician and has presented her work at several international conferences including ICAR 2012 and ISER 2014. Sarah is working with Dr Dickson Varner of Texas A&M University (with whom we maintain a collaborative research relationship) on the development of an electrophoretic sperm isolation device and brings a wealth of industry knowledge and horse management skills to the team.