Individual Semen Assessments

Assessment Packages

Basic Assessment Package | $420

Oxidative Stress Package | $650

Fertilisation Package | $600

The Works Package | $1570

Basic assessment, oxidative stress and fertilisation packages

Sperm storage services and on-site consulting

Semen Freezing Services

Cryopreservation of up to 30 x 0.5mL straws per ejaculate
Includes post-thaw CASA motility assessment (initial and 4h)
Storage of frozen semen ($0.75/month per straw)
Dispatch of frozen semen (includes administration and handling fees)
Dry shipper hire (includes liquid nitrogen)


On-site Consulting | $1,000/day plus expenses

If you have a number of stallions for assessment or semen freezing, this may be a more economically viable option. Restrictions on the number of services which may be performed in one day apply (e.g. a maximum of 4 ejaculates can be cryopreserved). Additional costs associated with travel and accommodation will apply depending on duration and location.
Travel ($0.68/km as per ATO guidelines)
Written report on UoN Letterhead. Oral communication of results is free of charge
All prices are inclusive of GST. Contact us for more information or to receive a quote. We can tailor individual packages to your requirements.